RTC Chair Anne Reilly Post Election Letter

Thank you Berlin residents for electing three republicans to the Berlin Town Council.  Brenden Luddy, Dave Evans and Charlie Paonessa look forward to hearing from you the next two years when you have a concern about a town issue.

We congratulate the incoming Democratic town members, Kevin Murphy, Rachel Rochette, Maggie Morelli and William Rasmussen and we hope that we can all work together to make decisions that our citizens want and  help our town prosper.
We also thank the Town Council members who have served our town the past two years. We wish the outgoing Council members the best.
The next few years will not be easy. Beginning next July, our citizens will see the first increase in their taxes to pay for the high school referendum. Over the next few years, this cost will affect many people. How the Town Council budgets and prioritizes the town’s yearly budget will determine how these increases will affect our citizens’ abilities to meet their families’ needs.
As Republican Chair, I welcome citizens to our town meetings which are held the first Thursday of every month at Central Pizza. If ever I can assist you or if you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope we will continue to earn your trust and respect. Again, thank you.
Anne Reilly
Berlin Chair
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