By Laws

Section I – PURPOSE

It shall be the duty of the Republican Town Committee of the Town of Berlin to perform all ofthe functions delegated to it under the rules of the Republican Party, and to take any other steps which shall be deemed necessary to promote the welfare and success of the Republican Party in its continued effort to promote good government.


(a) Elected members, the Republican Town Committee shall consist of thirty-six (36) Republican electors of the town of Berlin who shall be elected at the Republican caucus, on an at-large basis
(b)• Appointed Honorarv or Ex Officio (Non-Voting) Members – The elected members of the Republican Town Committee may appoint honorary and/or ex officio members in a number not to exceed one third (1/3) of the elected membership. Such Honorary Member or Ex Officio status shall be granted upon recommendation from any committee member and the affirmative vote of two thirds (2/3) of those present at a regularly scheduled RTC meeting.
1. Honorary – These members shall be those who have been party leaders and I or long time Town Committee members, but who are unable to participate actively and regularly in a Town• Committee. work.
2. Ex Officio – These members shall be elected or appointed officials or heads of auxiliary groups who will keep the Town Committee informed.


(a) Primarv- All dates pertaining to primaries and elections will conform to state calendars.
(b) Notice – The Town Chair, or in the event of his or her failure to act, the Vice-Chair, shall publish notice
of the primary date in a newspaper having a circulation in Berlin at least five (5) days before the date set for the primary.
(c) Filing Endorsements- Party endorsed candidates for Town Committee membership shall be endorsed by Caucus not earlier than the forty-ninth (49) day, nor later than the thirty-fifth (35) day preceding the day set for the primary and filed with the clerk ofthe municipality not later than the thirty-fourth (34) day preceding the primary by the Chair or presiding officer and the secretary of the Caucus.

Section IV – TERM

The terms of the Town Committee members shall start on the first Monday following the date of the primary set in connection with their election, and they shall serve for two years or until their successors shall have been chosen, but not more than twenty-six (26) months, and provided when local rules are amended to increase Town Committee membership, they shall specify the day upon which the terms of the new positions created by said increase shall begin, and how the new positions shall be filled. The terms of all members shall end on the same day.


(a) The Republican Town Committee shall meet within three (3) weeks after the beginning of their term as specified in section IV above, at the call of the previous Committee Chair or in the event of the Chair’s failure to act, at the call of a member of the State Central Committee from the district in which said Chair resides, and name an Executive Committee consisting of Chair and Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and as many Town District Chair(s) as there are town wide voting districts. The Chair may be chosen from within or without membership of the Town Committee and in either case may cast a vote only to break a tie.

(b) The officers of the Town Committee shall hold office during the term of that Town Committee by which they are elected, and until their successors shall have been chosen and qualified in their stead.

(c) The officers shall have the duties usually incident to their office and such other duties as the Town
Committee may from time to time prescribe.
(d) Within one (1) week after organization of the Town Committee the secretary shall file with the Secretary of the Republican State Central Committee a list of the names and addresses of the officers and
members of the Town Committee, also the name and address of the Republican Registrar of Voters. (e) A Town Chair, Vice Chair or other elected officer of a Town Committee may be removed by the
affirmative vote of Two-Thirds of the entire authorized membership of the Town Committee at a duly warned meeting called for that purpose by one-third of the members of the Town Committee.


(a) Regular meetings of the Town Committee shall beheld at such hour.and place and on such dates as may be decided by the members. Meetings shall be held once a month, unless decided by the Chair.
(b) Special meetings may be called by the Chair as deemed necessary, or on petition of ten (10) members, by written notice, stating that time, place and purpose thereof, to all members at least seven (7) days prior to said meeting.
(c) The presence of at least one-fourth (114) of the elected members of the Town Committee shall be necessary for the transaction of business, but a lesser number may adjourn to a future date.
(d) There shall be no voting by proxy.
(e) At each Town Committee meeting a report shall be given, either by a member of the State Central
Committee in person or through the Town Chair, on the last State Central committee meeting.
(f) Notice of all Town Committee meetings shall be sent to the State Central Committee Members of the
(g) The Executive and Standing Committees may meet as often as needed to carry out their functions.


(a) Vacancies in the Town Committee membership or office shall be filled by majority vote of the
Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting or a meeting called specifically for that purpose.
(b) Any elected member of the RTC who wishes to cease membership or an officer position shall send a signed, written notice of resignation to the Chair, or in the case of the Chair resigning, to the Vice Chair. Upon acceptance of the resignation, the Chair or Vice Chair will notify the Town Clerk, in writing, of the resignation
(c) The Secretary shall notify the Chair of the Candidates and Vacancies and District Chair of three (3)
consecutive absences by any member.
(d) The Chair may request that a member of the Town Committee with three (3) or more consecutive unexcused absences be asked to resign from the Town Committee. Based on an affirmative vote of two thirds (2/3) of those present at a regularly scheduled RTC meeting the individual will be sent a letter from the Chair requesting the member’s resignation due to lack of participation.


(a) The Town Chair and Vice Chair shall, within one (1) month of election, establish working standing committees including, but not limited to the following:
1. Finance
2. Voter Registration
3. Candidate Recruitment
4. District Organization
5. Publicity and Public Affairs
and appoint members of the same as they shall deem advisable, imposing such duties as they may deem necessary.
(b) The Town Chair shall name the Chair of each such standing committee and at the regularly held town committee meetings shall require a report by each such Chair of the activities of his or her respective committee. Upon the election of a new Town Committee Chair, all existing standing committees are dissolved.


(a) The Republican Party endorsed candidates representing the Town of Berlin or portion thereof shall be selected by a Caucus of the enrolled Republican electors.
(b) It shall be the duty of the Town Committee to determine in advance that at least one qualified candidate shall be nominated for each office.
(c) It shall be the duty of the Republican Town Chair, or in the event of his or her failure to act, the Vice­
Chair, to call such Caucus, designating the time, place and day by publishing set call, stating such purpose, and a newspaper having a general circulation in the town, at least five days before the day of such Caucus.
(d) The presiding officer may cast a vote only to break a tie.

Section X – Convention Delegates

(a) Selection of delegates to an Republican convention shall take place at a regular RTC meeting. All RTC
members shall be notified by mail or email prior to the meeting.
Section XI- VACANCIES IN PARTY ENDORSED CANDIDATES (a) There shall be a committee on vacancies selected by the Town Caucus.
(b) Such committee is authorized to fill vacancies in Party endorsed candidates for nomination. for municipal office as provided by Connecticut General Statutes.


The rules of the Berlin Republican Party may be amended by any Town Caucus provided that any amendment presented for action shall have been •published in the call of the Caucus.


(a) No Town Committee or officer thereof shall expend any party funds, unless specifically contributed for such purpose, on behalf of any candidate in a pre-endorsement contest or in a primary.

(b) There shall be an independent audit of the Treasurer’s books every two (2) years at the conclusion of each term the Treasurer is elected for, or upon prior resignation or removal.


Where the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee (State Committee) rules and bylaws contradict or detail more than these rules the State Committee rules and bylaws will govern.


Adopted at Berlin, Connecticut, on January 6, 2006 by the Berlin Republican Town Committee

Amended: July 23, 2007 & January 11, 2012 by Caucus of Berlin Republicans