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Our Vision

Creating a walkable

“Town Center” that raises

the quality of life and

gives our residents more

opportunity to gather

as a community

Maintaining a level of

open space to provide

more recreational


Continuing to reduce

inherited debt & maintain financial stability to allow for greater investment

in our town

What our Team has Accomplished


Public Safety

  • Implemented new Police Pension Plan to enhance recruitment & retention

  • Ongoing Police & Fire Fleet modernization

  • Funding allocated for Police Dept. Renovations

  • Increased the number of sworn Police Officers


  • Properly funded education

  • Funded & began ongoing HVAC upgrades at all three elementary schools

  • Enhanced security measures such as armed security guards, cameras & security vestibules

  • Funded repairs to playing fields, basketball & tennis courts


Economic Development

  • 104 new businesses

  • 42 business expansions

  • $115M in private business investments

  • 1394 jobs created

Financial Stability

  • Reduced inherited debt from $108M to $72M

  • Zero to minimal tax increases during tough economic times

  • Lowest tax mill rate of 25 Greater Hartford Area Communities*

*Per May 29, 2023, including the Senior Center Hartford Business Journal



  • $35.6M appropriated for Capital expenditures in the past five years


Continued implementation of our 20-year road improvement plan including:

   Farmington Ave.

   Porters Pass

   Christain Lane

   Deming Road

Repairs to bridges, sidewalks & dams

Repairs to town facilities, including the Senior Center

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